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4806 Update: Laughs in the Newsroom–Rockin’ body on an egotistical soccer player

At the last sports beat meeting at the Missourian, full of prestigious University of Missouri journalism students, some who may one day be some of the best in the world at what they do, we spent our time talking about how awesome a soccer player looks with his shirt off. Continue reading


Tigers in the NFL Week 3: Jeremy Maclin leads all Missouri grads in productivity

Tracking former Tigers in the NFL for the Columbia Missourian newspaper. Follow the link!

Maclin, Weatherspoon lead former Tigers tearing through the NFL

Former Missouri Tiger Basketball Players Chase the DreamOverseas

To the casual basketball observer, college basketball players careers may seem to end if they fail to make the cut in the NBA.

The University of Missouri basketball program has produced a handfull of NBA caliber players. Demarre Carroll, Keyon Dooling, and Kareem Rush all made the jump straight into America’s top professional tier.

Those players who never quite made it over the hump–forward Leo Lyons, for example, who played in the NBA’s Summer League two years in a row but never made a starting day roster–often pack up their whole lives and leave the country for the professional leagues all over the world. Continue reading

Dear Josh McDaniels: Take the Damn Points

Dear Josh,

To start, I concede you know a lot more about football than me. It goes without saying.

Regardless, leaving six easy points on the field against football god Peyton Manning and the Colts will not get you very far, especially when he takes his team the length of the field after you hand the ball over on downs.

Let me try and hammer this point home with simple math. Continue reading

Two Things the Denver Broncos Must Do to Guarantee a Win

No in-game or post-game reporting for me today. Missouri’s St. Louis Rams will be hogging the Fox airwaves at 3:00 ET so I have to watch from a bar.

Seattle’s offense shouldn’t scare anyone yet. They capitalized on 49ers turnovers last week to pull out an impressive win. If the Broncos do two things right, they should leave Invesco Field at Mile High equalized at .500 .

Continue reading

4806 Update: Third Week of Sports Hit Me Like a Ton of Bricks

Throughout the semester, I must write a weekly post for credit in my Editing and Production class. Certain redundancies may occur in these “4806 Updates”

This week I learned an especially interesting lesson in the beat meeting: even behind closed doors, among your peers, follow all those same journalistic rules.

Specifically, avoid clichés like the plague.

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Without Tebow or a Pulse on Either the Line or Special Teams, Broncos Fall to Jacksonville

Denver left Tebow Country with a pockmark in the L column. Missing several key components–no wide receiver Demaryius Thomas or offensive lineman Ryan Harris, nor a special teams unit that can close on and tackle a returner–Denver’s team struggled when it mattered.

First round draft pick Tim Tebow played on four downs throughout the game, all in the first half, with little effect in familiar Florida. Two yards on four Tebows cannot become a trend.

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