Dear Josh McDaniels: Take the Damn Points

Dear Josh,

To start, I concede you know a lot more about football than me. It goes without saying.

Regardless, leaving six easy points on the field against football god Peyton Manning and the Colts will not get you very far, especially when he takes his team the length of the field after you hand the ball over on downs.

Let me try and hammer this point home with simple math.

You sacrifice three easy points hoping for seven instead. For the sake of the example we’ll consider those three points an essential guarantee.


Then you give the ball and momentum back to the Indianapolis football team. A solid drive leads to a touchdown.


-3 + (-7) = -10

Ten point swing.

Your team did finally convert on fourth down…in the fourth quarter, down 14 with three minutes to go, after your failed conversion led to seven points.

Twice this happened. Six points trashed, and the second failure came when the team trailed by seven.

That’s a one point game. If the Colts score without the momentum booster, it’s an 8 point game.

If I were a betting man, I would prefer the odds of a successful two point conversion over a potential onside kick.

Denver played a fairly solid game outside of the red zone, and their defense did a fairly respectable job against Peyton Manning.

‘Fairly’ might garner you another 8-8 season for your résumé. That kind of confidence against top tier competition should get you about the same result.

Better luck next week.


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