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4806 Update: 10/25

Throughout the semester, I must write a weekly post for credit in my Editing and Production class. Certain redundancies will occur between these “4806 Updates” and posts earlier in the week.

In my totally unbiased journalist’s opinion, the Mizzou Oklahoma game was !@#%ing incredible.

Shooting photos for that game, however, was a nightmare. I asked a Missourian photographer how he managed to pull such great light and color out of these situations. He responded “you just look through that little hole—“ he points at the viewfinder with a belittling grin, “and push this little button—“ he points at the button, “and there you go!”

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Pictures: Mizzou topples #1 Oklahoma

Me walking the sidelines at the game. I used Adobe Photoshop's level balancing on half the image, so you can see the sepia tone that the cameras pick up on the field (Look at the guy in the white shirt). Photo by Megan Homan

Check them out in the “related content” box on the right side of the story at the KCTV5 website

I figured it out, what differentiates a great photographer from an amateur.

As I struggled to meter correctly and balance my shutter speed and aperture, I asked one AP photographer and another from ESPN how they pull such great color out of such obnoxious lighting in their photos.

I will always remember the insightful comment from the gentleman working for ESPN. Continue reading

Why I haven’t been posting lately:

Two midterms this week. Student first, journalist second, blogger third. Sorry readers.

In other news, the BCS decided to put Oklahoma at Number 1 in the nation. While I don’t agree with their decision–Oregon deserves to be number 1–Oklahoma just so happens to play AT Mizzou this weekend for Homecoming.

I will be on the field taking pictures for KCTV5. I’m ecstatic.

4806 Update: 10/15

Throughout the semester, I must write a weekly post for credit in my Editing and Production class. Certain redundancies will occur between these “4806 Updates” and posts earlier in the week.

Well, we’ve just begun our next stint with newsroom. KCTV 5’s Kurt Kloebein seems like a relatively easy going guy. He was very patient with us as we waded our way through the ibpublish system KCTV uses for their stories.

I did not get on the request for a week story fast enough, so there really wasn’t anything for me to do this week. Mizzou plays an away game this weekend before coming back to the Zou to battle Oklahoma.

As far as newsrooms go, it’s got to be all uphill from here after my experience at the Missourian.

More Photos

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Tigers in the NFL Week 5: Maclin, Smith make highlight reel

Jeremy Maclin had a big day in San Francisco, although he never quite made it into the endzone. He had a game long catch for 41 yards on his way to 95 on the day . After matching his 2009 touchdown output as of week three, Maclin has not found pay dirt the past two games with Kevin Kolb at the helm.

Brad Smith had another highlight reel play after this passing TD last week. After Vikings’ QB Brett Favre hit recent acquisition Randy Moss for a touchdown, Brad Smith took the ensuing kickoff back 86 yards before being tackled . Smith had a handoff to his credit earlier in the game, playing again out of the wildcat. >> Read more at TigerSports Continue reading

With a fresh start, Alphonso Smith pulls a Fresh Prince

During the 2009 draft, McDaniels traded away a 2010 first round draft pick to move up and grab Wake Forest standout Alphonso Smith.

After a year struggling as a nickel corner, and with Perrish Cox playing well in training camp and preseason, the Broncos traded Smith to Detroit for TE Dan Gronkowski in early September.

The cornerback has played well in Detroit so far. Touted as a ball hawk out of college, he has three interceptions so far this year—one off Brett Favre, another from Aaron Rodgers, and against St. Louis’s soon-to-be sidelined with an injury liability Sam Bradford.

When Smith snagged an errant Bradford pass and returned it for a touchdown Sunday, he busted out the Carlton dance from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Check out the video.