More Photos

Here are the rest of my pictures from the Mizzou Miami game.

You guys seemed to enjoy some of the photos I took for the Mizzou Miami game, so I decided to put up all the ones I liked that didn’t make it into publication because of various reasons…mostly because they weren’t important moments in the game, or the other photogs already had similar shots in their own work for KBIA in weeks previous.

Watch the slideshow..

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For full size images, check out the gallery..


2 responses to “More Photos

  1. You are really getting the hang of the action shots. My favorites were the ball leaving the kicker’s foot, and the one of the MU ball carrier up in the air. Of the non action ones, I liked the one of Truman spraying the fans. It is nice to throw in a couple of human interest shots in there. I hope the girl the player was kissing was his girlfriend. That could cause him some trouble on several different levels.

  2. I like the photos what a good eye

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