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Tigers in the NFL Week 12: Brad Smith seizes the spotlight on Thanksgiving

In a Thanksgiving game many fans could not watch on cable, Brad Smith scurried away from the Cincinatti Bengals for two touchdowns, both spanning more than half the field.

Two plays into the third quarter, Smith ran the ball 53 yards untouched by a Bengals’ rush defense ranked 23rd in the NFL. 15 football minutes later, he took a kickoff 89 yards to pay dirt.

The former QB also caught one Mark Sanchez pass on the day. The grab extends his catch streak to three games, beginning the very week this blog decided to modify his stat line to reflect rushing statistics only. Before Week 10, he had one catch all season.

Big 12 products Sam Bradford and Danario Alexander have begun to develop a quality working relationship for the St. Louis Rams. In a victory over Denver, Bradford connected with Alexander 4 times for 95 yards, the most impressive of them coming on a 45 yard sideline strike over an Oklahoma State product, cornerback Perrish Cox.

Atlanta Falcons’ linebacker Sean Weatherspoon returned from a nagging knee injury and looked sharp enough on Sunday.


Cutting room floor–Other pictures from Mizzou KU

As I figure out how to crop and adjust my levels to maximize my color output and impact, I like to play around with pictures that I did not publish. To edit on a deadline like that can be difficult, so a lot of times I’ll find shots after publication that I actually like better. Here’s the discards from the Border War.

Please also check the slideshow published at

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KCTV5 PHOTOS-Missouri victorious in annual Border War

I’ll have to update you guys on my progress and experience shooting at Arrowhead later. For now, here’s a link to the slideshow.

No. 15 Missouri Defeats Kansas at Arrowhead

4806 Update: 11/26

Throughout the semester, I must write a weekly post for credit in my Editing and Production class. Certain redundancies will occur in these “4806 Updates”

I’m having photo withdrawal. The past two weeks, I’ve done more writing than shooting. Let’s not forget, the only reason I applied to and then enrolled in the prestigious University of Missouri Journalism School was my love for writing.

The Kansas State-Mizzou football game-day story served as a great warm up for this week’s basketball coverage. I am much, much happier with the product I put out this week.

I have to give some props to Basketball Sports Information Director Dave Reitter for how well he runs press conferences. They do the post-game much more efficiently than the football team and there’s a certain order to it you won’t find down the road at Faurot Field.

Please check out my game day story.

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No. 15 Missouri basketball team shuts down North Florida

Check out my game day story for Mizzou Men’s Basketball’s victory over North Florida.

No. 15 Missouri basetball team shuts down North Florida

4806 Update: 11/19

Throughout the semester, I must write a weekly post for credit in my Editing and Production class. Certain redundancies will occur between these “4806 Updates” and posts earlier in the week.

I woke up Saturday (11/13) morning and walked outside to grab the paper. As I opened the front door, I mouthed a silent thank you to Andrew Wamboldt through chattering teeth.

Andrew, you see, volunteered earlier in the week to take pictures at the Kansas State-Mizzou home game. At kickoff, the temperature on the field hovered around 32 degrees. You want to know the best thing about the press box? They keep it at a very comfortable 72. Continue reading

PHOTOS: #14 Mizzou Men’s Basketball Squeaks by Western Illinois

The University of Missouri men’s basketball team cut their player interviews short following a close victory over what was supposed to be a vastly inferior opponent.

No Tiger scored more than 10 points. They shot 14/27 from the free throw line. They won by five thanks more to two late turnovers than solid play.

Western Illinois battled the whole game. Leathernecks’ guard Matt Lander scored a game high 24 points but matched that production with six turnovers, also a game high.

No Tiger scored in the double digits, marking the first time the men’s basketball team won without a player notching more than 10 points in more than half a century.

Right now you can see the slideshow I put together for KCTV5 on the story sidebar.