Former Mizzou Tigers in the NFL: Week 8

In a weekend that saw Missouri football’s hopes tumble yet again in a heartbreaking loss after a huge victory, most of the university’s NFL products never saw the field on Sunday. Only the two Smiths, Brad and Justin, and Ziggy Hood played on Sunday. The rest sat with injuries or their team had a bye week.

Justin Smith played well against Denver across the pond at Wembley Stadium. He brought down Broncos’ quarterback Kyle Orton twice, doubling his season sack total in the process. Smith has started 147 games, a record at his position.

The wildcat has rejuvenated Brad Smith the quarterback while slowly killing his role as a wide receiver. Halfway through the year and he still only has one reception for 11 yards. Smith fumbled this week running out of the modified formation against Green Bay.

Ziggy Hood started at defensive end for Pittsburgh, filling in for the injured Aaron Smith. He notched another tackle on the day, marginally increasing his previous average of a half tackle per game. His production, or perceived lack of it, can be attributed to the structure of the Steelers’ 3-4 defense. The team’s usual starters at defensive end, the injured Aaron Smith and Brett Keisel, each only average about two and a half tackles per game.

When New Orleans had Chase Daniel stand up in the field goal formation, Pittsburgh called a timeout. The Saints decided to kick the field goal after Pittsburgh adjusted for the possibility of a fake. Daniel held.

Justin Smith extended his streak to 147 games and notched two sacks. Brad Smith fumbled.


One response to “Former Mizzou Tigers in the NFL: Week 8

  1. Sorry about the Cats, there are worse things than being tied for first place, sorry about the Broncos, How about those Chiefs!!!
    If you want to hear a sad story, I have been at MCI airport for 8 hours trying to get to Denver, all so I can take care of your brothers!

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