4806 Update: 11/4

Throughout the semester, I must write a weekly post for credit in my Editing and Production class. Certain redundancies will occur between these “4806 Updates” and posts earlier in the week.

I wrote something for KCTV this week! My word, I can hardly remember the last time I wrote anything of consequence. Ironic, because the whole reason I pursued journalism in the first place centered around my ability to write. I guess winning the award for creative writing at a high school with more people than the population of many of the small towns in Missouri doesn’t get one very far.

Pompous accolade dropping aside, though, I had to write this story without any sources because the Basketball SID told me no interviews would be available until after the first exhibition game this Friday.

I wrote the preview based on my observations about the team, and those consistently addressed by other outlets and people close to the team. I wanted ot use some of the quotes I acquired while writing a Missourian story in September on the team, but I was advised to just use that information in my piece. So I did.

The one problem I’ve consistently had so far is my own fault. I struggle a little bit with the publishing system used by the station. I can’t find any of my content through their Missouri Tigers sidebar on the website. I have to google the title of my slideshow or this preview piece to find it online at all.

Going forward, I hope to remedy that.

Here’s this season’s Tiger Men’s Basketball preview:


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