Men’s Basketball Preview on

Please follow this link to my preview of the University of Missouri Men’s Basketball season I wrote for KCTV 5 , the CBS affiliate in Kansas City.

Shooting basketball games may require me to start going with a two camera idea. Long lenses make it very difficult to shoot anything on my side of the court and keep all of the action in the frame. I have one more exhibition game to get this down.

Several of my photos made it into other KCTV stories. Now I understand how photographers could get upset about having no say in which picture runs with a story. They picked a terrible snapshot to run alongside this story! On the graph of my learning curve, this one is about as far off to the left as it can go.


One response to “Men’s Basketball Preview on

  1. Photography is so subjective, shots that I love go unrecognized, while others are a big hit. I was very impressed with your article in the “Carnation”. It gave me a new insight into the high tec elements of college in this electronic age. I would have done much better if I could have reviewed a live lecture. I always took the wrong notes. I liked the the added comment that refers to your sarcastic viewpoint. Who knew?? I Can’t wait to see you, remind me I said this after 10 minutes with you.

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