4806 Update: 11/12

Throughout the semester, I must write a weekly post for credit in my Editing and Production class. Certain redundancies will occur between these “4806 Updates” and posts earlier in the week.

If I haven’t mentioned the new web domain that I’m looking to purchase, mylifeisajoke.net, before, I might as well now.

Anyway, with that out of the way, I got my first dunk picture this week! With our long lens, and because Andrew and myself have only used one camera instead of multiple, zooming in on the rim and keeping the shot in focus can be challenging. Luckily Mizzou threw down the most dunks against UAFS as I’ve seen in any single game in my time here, so I had lots of chances.

Armed with a litany of marginally good dunk shots, I had a strange issue with the technology this week. I plugged in my card reader, pulled off the pictures, and then put the SD card back in the camera and reformatted it.

I checked that the pictures were actually in the folder –and by check I mean I looked at the total number of pictures, 564, and glanced through the 20 I could see in my window–before I reformatted the card. They were. Then when I came back to cycle through them for editing and upload, I found that only 24 were from the Arkansas Fort Smith.

Did I mention that web domain yet? My life really is a joke. Ask Karen Mitchell. Or Sam Joseph. Or Roy Strom. Or any member of my family.

Luckily my bizarre luck often works both ways. After a tirade laced with colorful metaphors of the four letter variety and an apologetic email to my editor, I lent the card to my roommate for his voice recorder. He brought it back and told me there were too many pictures and he didn’t want to format the card and erase anything I might need.

The next day in the futures lab, all my pictures were there. Don’t ask me how, don’t ask me why. Just feast your eyes on the dunking prowess of Laurence Bowers and the pure fury emanating from head coach Mike Anderson as his son separates coach and referee.




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