4806 Update: 11/19

Throughout the semester, I must write a weekly post for credit in my Editing and Production class. Certain redundancies will occur between these “4806 Updates” and posts earlier in the week.

I woke up Saturday (11/13) morning and walked outside to grab the paper. As I opened the front door, I mouthed a silent thank you to Andrew Wamboldt through chattering teeth.

Andrew, you see, volunteered earlier in the week to take pictures at the Kansas State-Mizzou home game. At kickoff, the temperature on the field hovered around 32 degrees. You want to know the best thing about the press box? They keep it at a very comfortable 72.

The game represented a last stand for seniors, and Mizzou sent them off with an impressive victory over a threatening Wildcat team. I tried to start writing the story at halftime, but most of what I had written I scrapped after interviews.

I can’t say I’m altogether thrilled with my story. As a writer, I certainly have a ways to go figuring out the nuances of game-day reporting.

Nevertheless, this is my product and I stand by it. I just want to keep getting better.

Missouri Runs All Over Kansas State


One response to “4806 Update: 11/19

  1. When you were an underclassman, you would have sold your soul to go down on the field at a MU football game!! You spoiled senior, shame on you.

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