Will Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer reunite in Denver? Don’t count on it.

Urban Meyer in Bronco Blue? This picture is, of course, photo shopped.

Come on, you could not expect this blog not to address the speculation. Sometimes, two people just need one another.

In Urban Meyer’s first season without Tim Tebow, Florida went .500 in the SEC en route to a 7-4 record and a spot in the Outback Bowl against Penn State. Meyer amassed a 64-15 (34-13 SEC) record in six years as head coach, with Tebow at the helm for the bulk of those victories.

Could coach and quarterback reunite in blue and orange in 2011? Don’t count on it.

In a statement to GatorZone.com, Meyer cited a desire to be with his family as his reason for stepping down.

“…I appreciate the sacrifices my 24/7 profession has demanded of me, and I know it is time to put my focus on my family and life away from the field. The decision to step down was a difficult one.” Meyer said.

“But after spending more than two decades motivating and celebrating the young men I’ve been so proud to coach, I relish the opportunity to cheer for my three terrific kids as they compete in their own respective sports. I know how fortunate I am to be in a position to make this choice and to have a family that is as loving and supportive as my amazing wife and children have always been.”

When Meyer pulled a Brett Favre and resigned last year, only to return after rebranding his resignation as a leave of absence, he cited his health as the primary concern. He returned to the Team without Tebow and floundered somewhat.

There’s no doubt Tim Tebow is one of Meyer’s all-time favorite players, and the opportunity to reunite with the quarterback who carried the Gators to a national title must be enticing. One fan pulled this quote to justify his Meyer-to-Denver prediction.

“I just feel very blessed,” Meyer said after his 100th win. “Some of these coaches who I have known a long time don’t get to coach players like I get to coach.”

Yeah, Tebow has to be one of those players. No, I don’t think that means it had anything to do with Meyer’s resignation, and no, I can’t bring myself to believe Tebow has THAT much gravitas.

ESPN’s NFL Insider Adam Schefter just tweeted the following: “Asked the question to someone who would know. Was told, ‘No way.'”

The coach has yet to release a statement via his personal website, CoachUrbanMeyer.com.

Live press conference at 5:00 on ESPN


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