Carmelo Anthony tips his hand–and this guy Anonymous Source seems to know everything

we doing the best that we can with the guys that we have.

-Carmelo Anthony

The more I see on Carmelo Anthony’s twitter and the more I hear from him via interviews and pull quotes, the more I  believe that the superstar truly has not made up his mind.

He does want to win a championship for a city that feels like home, there’s no question about that. If not Denver, then New York or New Jersey–soon to be Brooklyn, Melo’s hometown.

“Of course,” he said. “I’ve been here for seven years. This is my eighth season. I don’t mind calling this thing home. After eight years, if you’ve been in any place for eight years, that’s going to be home. This community embraced me like I was their own,” Anthony told the Denver Post.

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Whether or not Denver can find  a way to improve the current roster remains the lynchpin for him signing a contract with the Nuggets. In an interview with SLAM online, he seems to reinforce that notion.

SLAM: How do you feel the Nuggets have performed so far this season?
Anthony: We alright. We went on a little seven-game winning streak. Then we dropped two and won last night in Toronto. So only 22 games into the season but as of right now we doing the best that we can with the guys that we have.

SLAM: Do you feel like you will ultimately end up as a free agent next summer?
CA: Anything can happen.  I won’t be becoming a free agent till the summer so anything that is going on right now, I’m still under contract with the Denver Nuggets.  So until the summer, if I decide to wait to sign or don’t sign, that’s when I’ll become a free agent.

On the eve of the Nuggets loss to the Knicks, ESPN New York reports that a “source” privy to private discussions between Anthony, his representatives and the Nuggets organization says Carmelo will not allow the team to trade him anywhere except to New York. As in, he will not sign the $65 million dollar contract with anyone besides the Knicks.

At least, so reports an outlet of the single most sensational bona fide news organization on television… From the website devoted to sports in the Big Apple, where any headline containing Melo’s name generates as much traffic as a New York rush hour.

The source also identified the location of Jimmy Hoffa’s remains in the Meadowlands–anonymously of course. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and ask him directly. God knows every other journalist has since this summer. Apparently this guy Source is very in the know.

On anonymous sources: our editors and professors here at the Missouri School of Journalism ban using anonymous sources unless absolutely necessary. We only use information provided by a source unattributed if identifying them would cause them harm: physical, emotional, economic or otherwise. The “source” in this storymay lose his job if he is identified–I could see that.  In those situations, they tell us to complement our anonymous sources with real ones, and not to let any one source dictate our story.

I know, ESPN, I know. We shouldn’t let that ideological crap get in the way of making money and generating page hits. You’re right, I’m just too young to understand. Yeah, I can talk to you after I get a real job…

A league source refuted the anonymous source’s ultimatum to The Denver Post on Sunday afternoon.

Seriously though, do read through the rest of the Slam quotes and glean what you will from it. I will continue to disseminate interesting updates on here as they come through.


SLAM: How has the city of Denver and the fan base over there reacted to all the speculation regarding whether or not you’ll stay?
CA: I think as far as the speculation and people on the edge of their seat about what I’m going to do and where I’m going to go, that can be a little overwhelming at times. But I gotta give myself credit because I’ve been doing a great job with staying focused.

Do fans in Denver stop you and try to talk you into staying?
CA: Yeah, man. It actually happens in every city. Sometimes its kinda embarrassing because I can be with my teammates too and they will be like ‘Come here man!’

SLAM: How do you respond to such statements?
CA: (Pauses) I don’t know, man. Sometimes I don’t even respond and just keep on moving. I’ve been hearing it all the time in cities.

SLAM: Ever wonder what would it have been like if that reported trade with the Nets would have gone through earlier this season? You could have probably eventually ended up in Brooklyn, your birthplace.
CA: I never really though about it. That situation is not going to happen until about three more years so you know.


Original post: Carmelo Anthony all a-twitter

UPDATE Dec 12, 2010: Carmelo tweeted the following tonight..


So if we take this at face value, he still has not made up his mind. Interesting. Published Dec 11, 2010 @ 17:39

Carmelo Anthony, to Dontreal Terry, dtreal414, from Milwaukee: carmeloanthony:“@dtreal414: Yo knee aint hurt @carmeloanthony u jus ready to leave” U sound ridiculous. “You sound ridiculous” mean anything for those who think he will stay in Denver?


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