With Tim Tebow on the sideline, Kyle Orton continues to tank

Interim head coach Eric Studesville started Kyle Orton against Arizona. Through the first half, here’s a look at how he’s doing:

10 completions on 20 attempts for 91 yards.

Two interceptions, two more passes that Arizona should have picked off, several balls one-hopped or thrown behind their intended target, and three points on the board.

On third down, Orton converted once on six tries. He threw one of his interceptions on that crucial down, had several incompletions and a sack thanks to a miscommunication on the offensive line.

This first half performance punctuates a noticeable slide for the veteran quarterback over the past two weeks. He has not looked sharp or even solid since Denver’s loss to St. Louis.

In other news, Arizona kicker Jay Feely is responsible for every Cardinal point in the first half. Every. Single. One. He ran in a fake field goal and drilled two from deep.

Jay Feely 16
Denver 0

Make a big boy decision here, Studesville. Give the rookie a shot.


One response to “With Tim Tebow on the sideline, Kyle Orton continues to tank

  1. I like the new header, simple and non-gay. Eric what’s his name? Just more of the same old same old. The defense played with a lot of energy the first half, but the offensive just put them under with blunders and mistakes. I think MacD Jr. forgot there is a running game in the good old NFL if you just give it a chance. Horton hears a who is just what he will always be. No game on third down and no red zone savy. Put the T kid in and give him some experience and at least keep the fans interested. This team reminds of some of the Bronco teams we suffered through the 60’s and 70’s with. It will be a very long time before it is repaired.

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