NBA Trade: Orlando Magic undertake fastest retooling process in history

Gilbert Arenas in Magic threads. (c) SLAMonline

In two separate moves, the Orlando Magic have completely retooled their roster. Orlando and the Washington Wizards exchange forward Rashard Lewis and his gargantuan contract–almost $19 million this year alone–for Gilbert Arenas and a gigantic paycheck of his own.

Before that trade is officially finalized, the Magic and Phoenix lined up a six player swap bringing veteran forward Hedo Turkoglu back to the team that made Hedo, Hedo (His full name is actually Hidayet). Orlando parts with forwards Vince Carter and Mickael Pietrus, center Marcin Gortat, a future first-round pick and cash for Turkoglu, guard Jason Richardson and second-year forward Earl Clark.

Jason Richardson brings his insatiable appetite for getting to the rim to an Orlando team that picked up Vince Carter on the wrong side of his knees’ career. Although very few people will ever be able to throw down the rock like Carter could in his prime, J-Rich has a deadly first step and can finish with the best of them.

The athletic Mickael Pietrus fits the Phoenix system in every way that Hedo Turkoglu did not. All moving parts considered, this appears on the surface to be a very even trade for both teams as far as talent goes.

However, Orlando has fairly abruptly lost a ton of weight in their front court. Lewis, despite having an off year, possesses a nasty effective jumper when he’s on. Backup center Marcin Gortat appeared in line to be a very hot commodity on the free agent market until the Magic matched the Dallas Mavericks bid on the big man in July of last year.

SF: Quentin Richardson 6’6″, 280 | Mickael Pietrus 6’6″, 215
PF: Rashard Lewis 6’10”, 230 lbs | Brandon Bass, 6’8″, 250 lbs | Ryan Anderson 6’10”, 240 lbs | Malik Allen 6’10, 255
C: Dwight Howard 6’11”, 270 lbs | Marcin Gortat, 6’11”, 240 lbs

They add Earl Clark, who at 6’10”, 255 replaces Rashard Lewis wholesale. The shooting dirth left by the departure of Lewis will probably be filled by Ryan Anderson. The dude can stroke.

Officially listed at 6’10”, 220, Hedo will fit more naturally into the small forward spot than Rashard Lewis but he appeared constantly out of place and did more harm than good at power forward in Phoenix, despite his height.

More to come. My flight takes off shortly. Denver bound! Finally!

Rashard_Lewis‎ Yo boy off to DC it was fun playing in Orlando had a great time trying to win it all got close but not close enough but it’s been real.


One response to “NBA Trade: Orlando Magic undertake fastest retooling process in history

  1. Hey man, great post I’m defs glad I took the time out to read it. Anyways, I was just shocked to see this big blockbuster trade go through and it just makes the NBA season that much more exciting. Hedo Turkoglu going back to the magic with Gilbert along with J-Rich. The Magic really needed a shakeup and I think it will be good for them. Actually, I think it works out pretty decently for all the teams. They seemed to have gotten what they wanted, or gotten rid of what they didn’t want for that matter lol. Also, you think you could check out my blog, cuz I really wanna hear what you have to say.

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