MIZ303 Marquee Game- Mizzou @ Colorado (Men’s Basketball)

The University of Missouri basketball team traveled to Boulder, CO today to take on the CU Buffs. Can you think of a better match-up for this blog, devoted to Missouri and Colorado sports?

This post will be a live glimpse into my note-taking procedure for reporting on games. Maybe there’s some help out there for me–what I seem to miss, what I should emphasize, what seems needless. Seeing others’ tactics for note taking always fascinates me, but I could be the weird one here.

I have to say I’ve always loved the not-white home jerseys, and the Buffs gray home threads score high on my personal list of favorites.

1st HALF:

Missouri head honcho Mike Anderson’s team prides itself on running “the Fastest 40 Minutes in Basketball.” The team looks ill-prepared to deal with the altitude. Colorado has done to Mizzou what the Tigers did to everyone else this season.

Bowers leads the team with eight rebounds and nine points, paltry compared with CU’s stellar Alec Burks’ 20. They compared this kid and Kim English in preseason, but I think we all know who has outperformed whom. Marcus Denmon, Missouri’s closest counterpart to Burk’s explosiveness, also had 9 in the first 20 minutes..

Colorado’s big hunk of meat F Austin Dufault killed the Tigers down low, scoring 10 first half points off of two offensive boards (five rebounds total). At one point he ran the length of the court to finish on a missed breakaway layup, and only Marcus Denmon was within five feet when he grabbed the errant try and put it back– Anderson immediately called a timeout.

1st Half NOTES:
MU Bowers close to a double-double–nine and eight
CU closes out the half STRONG. Burks 20 first half points!
MU Bowers What a BLOCK–goaltending
*McDonalds Break*
CU can anyone slow down Burks?
MU Denmon 3 to put MU ahead 32-31. 12-2 run
MU Bowers and 1 for 7th pt (7-2 MU run)–5:55 to go
CU First CU turnover: 9:21
CU 15-2 Run Colorado early 1st–no turnovers at 10:00 mark

2nd HALF:

CU guard Alec Burks put on an absolute show in Boulder. With 35 points, 20 of them in the first, he put the Buffs on his back and carried them to their first victory in a Big 12 opener since 1997.

Missouri made a valiant comeback effort, pulling within seven before Alec Burks exploded at the end of the second half. Laurence Bowers came within a breath of a triple-double–15 points, nine boards, and an incredible nine blocks–in defeat. Dixon led Mizzou with 17 points.

Meanwhile Colorado rode a nearly mistake-free game and strong play from Cory Higgins who had 18 points on 50 percent shooting.

I forgot to include the Tigers national ranking in this story, but it doesn’t matter, because once again the boys from the Mid West choked in the spotlight and dropped an easy game from a pedestal inside the top 10.

Alec Burks, though, wow. Just wow. Missouri fans would love if their 6’6″ guard, Kim English, played like this. English had seven points on 10 attempts. Ouch.

2nd Half NOTES:
CU Alec Burks, unbelievable performance. Ball game, ladies and gentleman. 82-72 1:15 to go. 36 on the game
Ref overreacts to Denmon, who flipped the ball with too much attitude. 4 fouls on Marcus. 8 point game, 80-72 CU possession
MU Denmon SKIES for layup, fouled, hits and 1! 79-72
CU Burks nails to free throws. 30 points.
MU Bowers 8TH block! Basket on other end after Burks 3. 77-69 2:23
MU Denmon KEY charge take. Pull within 8 after Denmon basket
MU Ratliffe and 1 after CU run…75-65 at 4:00
MU Bowers! block party! Dixon fouled on rebound, drills 1..emergency alert test. !@#$ this.
MU Phil out, Matt Pressey in. Hand doesn’t look good. 71-60 with 7 to play
MU Dixon nice jumper–69-58 8:20ish to play..then Pressey chokes on fancy layup, fouls Higgins, drills 1 and 1
MU Phil Pressey steal, eventually to Bowers for And1. 13pts?
CU Higgins jumper, CU back up 17. 69-52
MU English three, then blocked layup after Pressey steal. 65-52 (10:37)
Mizzou needs fresh legs. Kreklow? Underwood? Bigs look tired.
CU Knutson three (13 and 7rb)…ugly Missouri game out there. 65-47
MU Dixon only Tiger to score in the past three minutes
CU breaks drought and press, Knutson at 14:10, 60-43
MU Where’s Ratliffe? CU bodying up well
MU Denmon 3rd foul–not sure about that one
MU Dixon 3 58-43, cutting 10-2 CU run. 15:30ish to go
CU Burks to the foul line–2fer, 24 pts..58-40
CU Tomlinson in foul trouble 40-54
CU What? Basket counts, but no free throws? ??? 54-38
MU Bowers interferes illegally again this half
CU quickly pushes lead to 50-38


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