Independent study: The importance of cropping

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The first major lesson for me in improving my photography has been an achilles heel for me from the beginning. I knew to crop tight, and avoid phantom arms and legs. Aside from that, I really had no idea what I was doing.

With Karen Mitchell’s tutelage, maybe one day my photos can look a little more like her proofs from Saturday’s game between Missouri and Iowa State.

So this week, I took my final proofs from Mizzou-K State on KBIA Sports Extra and tried to re-edit them, where possible.

For originals, please refer to the KBIA Sports Extra gallery. Photos are in the same order.


One response to “Independent study: The importance of cropping

  1. I agree that cropping makes some images better, but the down side is that unless you have a very high pixel count you can’t blow them up really large. I do enjoy once in a while that large swath of yellow that the crowd provides. I think a combination of both is best. Your photos have really improved thanks to the assistance of “The other Karen”

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