Weekly Report: Photography for a radio station?! (PHOTOS: Missouri defeats Kansas State)

Back to the baseline! Photography returns to the forefront of my priorities as I officially begin work for KBIA Sports Extra.

View the slideshow and gallery.

KBIA broadcasts to the Columbia, Mo. community on 91.3 FM locally. That’s right, pictures for a radio station. Thank you, internet and multimedia journalism, for creating jobs that never existed back when people only used radio stations to listen to radio broadcasts.

Multimedia this! In the past eight months, I have written a feature story and opinion piece in The Carnation magazine out of Indianapolis, created graphics and scribed short pieces for the Columbia Missourian newspaper, shot football and written game-day stories for the KCTV television station in Kansas City, Kansas, and now shoot photos and video for KBIA. God damn right, I’m a backpack journalist.

Now, onto the photography! I begin my independent study with professor Karen Mitchell, a very talented photographer turned convergence (read: multimedia) professor, this week. With her tutelage, hopefully these photographs continue to improve. Visit her blog and check out the great work she did with the same basic equipment I have been using.

PHOTO SLIDESHOW, GALLERY: Missouri defeats Kansas State.

PLEASE follow the link. Until the semester ends, I will avoid duplicating our published content here in order to generate page hits for KBIA Sports Extra. Because the sports coverage at KBIA is still in its infantile stages, having just completed an experimental first six months and expected to continue through the first half of 2011, we are relegated to blog format. The publication comes under the umbrella for an accredited journalistic institution–but again, KBIA is a radio station, and we do not broadcast over the airwaves, so the only way to track our progress is via analytics. Make me look good!


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