Weekly Report: Fluff successes and twitter connections

Two pieces of news on the Nick Gerhardt front today. First, my minor piece on Justin Safford’s connection with the fans was redistributed by a prominent sports blog in town, Rock M Nation. Second, I had a borderline twitter star struck moment when Scott Hastings of Altitude Sports’ Denver Nuggets coverage team responded to an observation on Twitter.


I’m happy to announce that THE Scott Hastings of NBA of Altitude TV fame actually responded to me! Read the riveting story below.

Here in Missouri, most Nuggets games fail to make it onto national TV so I’ll usually catch the local broadcast from a friend’s NBA TV account. Last night, they piped in Philadelphia’s Comcast Sports Net broadcast for the 76ers-Nuggets contest. As the first quarter drew to a close, the Nuggets had a bad possession leading to an attempted alley oop by 76ers forward Andre Iguodala. The Nuggets blocked the lob pass and I could hear Hastings yelling so loud that the microphone for the 76ers CSN picked up the noise. I thought he was flipping out about the blocked ‘oop initially, but he told me otherwise.

TheYITBOSS (Nick Gerhardt)
I could hear @ScottHastings almost yelling into his mic…from Philly’s Comcast Sports Nets broadcasters mouthpiece!

@TheYITBOSS switched headphones was talking to truck, turned marlows head phones off!
Given my love for basketball and the Nuggets, I watch Hastings on Altitude whenever I’m home and caught the broadcast on an almost daily basis before graduating from high school.  He has clearly established himself as the marquee opinion on the relationship between common sense and the common referee with relation to the Denver Nuggets.
Yeah yeah, it’s a pretty pedestrian encounter, but whatever. These announcer types tweet back and forth with casual tweeters (twits?) all the time, but it nevertheless felt nice to actually hear back for once.
The story applies to our study in class simply with the message it carries about new media: even student journalists love hearing back from prominent sports journalists–the engagement possibility for journalists and those outside this sphere is huge. I don’t believe for a second that some reader out there would be stoked to receive a mention from my twitter account, but specific shout-outs from the KBIA Sports Extra account might be a viable strategy. We’ll have to give it a shot, and update you on our progress.

In other, more career-specific news, Justin Safford story topped a prominent sports blogs quick links for today! RockMNation, a local SB Nation affiliate, sent traffic to the Safford piece, posted yesterday on the KBIA Sports Extra blog. It’s not a huge deal; RockM picks up a series of links related to Mizzou basketball on fairly frequently, but Bill included a block quote of my writng with the piece. That would seem to indicate he liked something, be it the syntax or the context! Either way, nice little confidence booster going forward, since this was essentially just a fluff piece that ended up coming out alright.


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