Weekly Report: The Quota Begins

The biggest change since last week’s post in our dealings at KBIA Sports Extra came in the form of a brief text message from JJ Stankevitz: “We need a daily post for the site. Your days are Sunday and Wednesday. Lets me know if we want to change.”

I had two days to put together my first story. I decided to start off with a post that has as much to do with my own personal obsession as it has to do with showing our readers something that they may not have known before (I guess that could be a loose devolution of “newsworthiness” that’s specific to sports?). I have always been fascinated by uniform design, sale, and all other aspects of that side of sports. So I asked the question: why can fans buy a jersey sporting the No. 24 of Kim English, who has begun to fall out of favor with the fan base, but not purchase threads with numbers of fan favorites like Steve Moore.

I wrote an article that I am proud of, from top to bottom, regardless of its potential for “fluff” status. Two of our writers “liked” the post, and although that aspect of the site that deals with facebook functionality rarely gets any play from anyone not associated with the blog, the internal encouragement is nevertheless appreciated. The article contained a lot of information that I had not picked up through google or other common means of the layman sports fan, so I hope it serves a constructive purpose for our budding audience.

For my Wednesday post, I discussed an evolving theme of Mizzou players who have played for the team for more than a year appearing better suited to a bench role. Analyzing information like team trends and player statistics as I do as a sports fan so often feels a lot simpler when your “opinion” (I hesitate to use that term for it..) will not be seen by the masses. Disseminating that information to the entire web adds another distinct mark to my brand as a sports journalist. I’m confident in my product thus far, but expect constructive criticism from our editor, director, or founder of the site and co-reporter JJ Stankevitz.

A requirement to post entails a requirement to hit the phones and streets and report as the Missouri School of Journalism has taught us to do so well. I love snapping photos or capturing video from the sidelines and writing night-turn stories from press row at games. This style of reporting, though, defines reporters far more than those “get ’em done and get ’em posted,” stories.

I’m nervous, but I’m excited. Until next week.


One response to “Weekly Report: The Quota Begins

  1. I enjoyed your writing on this piece, you are improving every day. It shows in reading your first posts until now. You have, as they say, evolved.

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