They even care about Melo in Missouri–and Kim English says keep his tweets quiet

Today at Mizzou Men’s Basketball’s media session, a reporter from the Columbia Missourian asked Baltimore-native Kim English what he thought about the Carmelo situation.

“I’m worried about Mizzou basketball right now,” he said, and the reporter left it at that.

C’mon now, I’m from Denver, you have to give me more than that, Kimmy.

He worked on his game this summer with ‘Melo and other professionals. He came back with moves tailored towards the NBA , but unfit for Mizzou’s up-tempo system.

“I work out with Carmelo a lot, but it’s too different games. He’s a big, big man–lot of post-up stuff, lot of power down low. I try to do that somewhat, but I’m more finesse. I love to come off a lot of screens and get easy shots,” English said.

The dude moves like ‘Melo, though. I’m not going to lie, I have compared their games in the past.

“If there was an opportunity for me to have some iso situations, I could see the comparison,” English said.

So we moved onto his Twitter use. English is a tweeting fiend, but the team banned twitter use in-season. At KBIA, one of my colleagues drafted a graphic for the “tweeting” Tigers that illustrated the massive drop off after season’s start. They spike again after a month or so.

Me: Was there a twitter ban at the beginning of the season?
KE: “Yeah we’re not supposed to tweet in season.”
Me:Have they lifted that at all, been more lax on it?
KE: “Nah….[pause] Who you with?”
KE: “What’s that?”
Me: It’s a radio station.
KE: “Oh. I just tweet every once in awhile.”
Me: Trying to keep it quiet?
“Yeah let’s not talk about that.”

Kimmy smiles and walks away. I enjoyed it immensely. Does anyone besides me care? Probably not, but I don’t care.


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