Weekly Report: First shot at tournament coverage, and the speed of research

First things first: This is a capstone class, so let me talk about the research and sustainability work we’ve done.
To be frank, we have very little to show for it at this moment. Two of us did this as part of our graduation project.  The other two have interests of their own, so Chris and I are emailing professors and drafting surveys for the student population. After one week of disseminating the survey through non-faculty channels, we have–count ’em–10 responses. Six of those have zero interesting in Sports Journalism.
On the other hand, feedback from professors has been remarkably positive, if not limited. We received plenty of responses to our initial general query about sports journalism as an interest area, and KBIA Sports Extra as a class. One man volunteered to teach. Several others volunteered to help out and participate in a meet-and-greet type thing.
In short, the wheels are moving. With their feedback, we should have a whole host of new things to lose ourselves in figuring out.
Now, to the tangible side of KBIA SE. I covered most of the Big 12 Championship tournament in Kansas City. I’ll be the first to say I was not happy with the amount of work I put out. I attended approximately two-thirds of all the games–excluding day one of the men’s tournament, which KBIA SE vet JJ Stankevitz covered. I tried to do at least a brief write-up after every game when I did go, but quickly abandoned that strategy because I couldn’t write fast enough. I keep running into the same problem throughout my sports reporting experience: I know what Sports Journalism looks like in the Denver Post, ESPN, and the like, but I have not had very much formal training. My photo editor has done a fantastic job telling me what’s good, bad, and forgettable about my photography. The director, who I suppose would be the defacto editor at large, is one of the most laid back people I’ve ever met. I love the guy even more after spending the weekend with him, but I can’t shake this feeling that I’m making mistakes and not knowing what those mistakes are.
At some point in my life I’m sure I’ll regret saying this…but I really wish I had the kind of blunt, stereotypical editor prick to come down on me during this pivotal stage of development. I don’t have a full picture from just watching our traffic.


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