Weekly Report: Survey gives us some anecdotal help

Here’s a couple helpful responses/data from the survey. We don’t have enough for the results to be statistically valid by any means (27), but it’s still telling early-on I suppose.

Interested in Sports: Split almost exactly half and half between interested and not.

Of those who did not want to do Sports, half liked sports but preferred covering other things. No one checked the “Sports reporting is not in-depth or multi-media friendly enough for me.”

Of those interested, almost a third (31.6%) disagreed with the statement, “the Missouri School of Journalism provides a sufficient amount of courses specific to sports journalism.” Half that number (15.8%) agreed with the statement. 42% of respondents answered I don’t know.  See some of the more telling responses below the stats portion of this email.

Of 19 people who didn’t skip the question, only 3 said they were “very likely” to pursue a career in Sports. The others split half-and-half between “not at all likely” and “somewhat likely.”

Half of the respondents interested in Sports Journalism classified themselves as “die hard.” One fourth considered themselves dedicated, three watched only the super bowl. 10% classified themselves as more than die hard.

Medium: 3 of every 4 respondents wanted to write. Photography 65%. Blogging 65%. Videography 60%. Radio 50%. Information graphics 40%.

Most respondents had covered sports on a personal blog or had not covered sports at all. About a third had covered sports for class credit and been graded on their work.

One of the respondents was Lynda, and another Karen. I don’t believe any of those quoted responses came from them.

What changes, if any, would you like to see to the availability of sports journalism classes?

To have them. [3/8/11 1:40AM]

I’d like the options to be more prominent. I know there are reporters at every newsroom that cover sports specifically, and there may very well be a course for it, but I haven’t heard of it. My one reporting experience was to do multimedia for a sports reporter at The Missourian and, as much as I enjoyed it, I had no idea how to shoot video of someone playing basketball in the most aesthetically pleasing way. [3/17/11 10:45PM]

Specific sports journalism reporting classes on all media platforms. [3/17/11 11:04PM]

I would like to see them promoted more, I didn’t know we had any![3/17/11 11:25PM ]

More information on what is available. I did not even know these classes were available to students.[3/18/11 12:40AM]

More options, opportunities [3/18/11 1:23AM]

More opportunities for beat blogging, online content, etc. [3/18/11 1:41AM ]

I would love to see a class on reporting about the business behind sports!!! [3/18/11 1:47AM]

Moving forward, these responses give us ammunition as we continue to hone our model and try to convince faculty inside and outside of the convergence program to follow suit.  We are attempting to set up a focus group before Spring Break. Stay tuned.


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