Weekly Report: Senioritis

I mentioned the great success the site enjoyed when we began posting every day in an earlier post. Now, as one of our journalists prepares for the leap to the Huffington Post and another maintains a Comcast Sports Net blog for pay, and I prepare for finals and my final semester, our posting quota has swept itself into the recesses of our subconscious. The traffic has responded in kind, although the valleys around days without posts are higher than they were before the implementation of our quota, which in a certain light seems to represent progress.

The deadline for a topics course passed before our team had a chance to fulfill the required criteria, so our class next semester will officially be an independent study taught by Karen Mitchell. At last count, four people had signed up after she sent out a listserv email. We require at least one newsroom class, and Karen really wants to weave some by-trade photojournalists into the fold.

I’ll leave you with the rough outline of our syllabus up to this point in the semester. Karen, as the teacher of the class, worries about the syllabus tailoring itself too much to the sustainability of KBIA Sports, at the possible expense of academia. (Syllabus crafted by JJ Stankevitz, to be honed in conjunction with the rest of us)


One response to “Weekly Report: Senioritis

  1. When I saw the name Karen, I got all excited thinking that you were going to give me some great credit for something, and then I saw it was the other Karen!

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