Weekly Report: Humbled by traffic; official class enrollment to-date

Two alumni of Mizzou football made major draft headlines when Aldon Smith and Blaine Gabbert were both selected in the top 10 draft picks in the first round.

We tasked ourselves with being one of the first to get up a post and pair it with a tweet. I had a skeleton of the Blaine Gabbert story ready to go, and once they made the official announcement I added in a couple team-specific details, posted and tweeted.

Nine people read the story. I’ve posted out of focus pictures that generate more traffic than that on their first day in circulation. Another contributor wrote up a post about Aldon Smith, who shocked just about everybody by being selected ahead of Gabbert by the team most believed coveted a good young quarterback, and that post drummed up a bit more interest, but still struggled in relative terms. At first glance, this really bothered me. Upon further reflection, the dirth makes sense.

Consider how our least read text stories tend to be same-night game recaps . While game nights and the day immediately following tend to spike, we usually have between three and five posts. Our instant game recaps are news most people already know, and so was the draft. Beyond the final score, or in this case the draft position of Smith and Gabbert, the average fan or reader doesn’t necessarily want or need a long form explanation and analysis.

Either that or I really need to work on SEO. We have zero search engine referrers today, an unusual occurrence for the site. Perhaps a reworking of the bland “Former Mizzou QB Blaine Gabbert picked 10th by Jacksonville with 10th overrall pick” is in order.

In other news, we have precisely five people signed up for the class so far. Our most recent applicant is a strat comm major, which we did not intentionally disregard but nevertheless overlooked. It’s an exciting cross-platform thought. It’s all journalism, right?


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