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A rare non-sports post: Aperture and shutter speed

As part of my independent study, I had to take a step backwards this week. I have become “skilled” enough with the camera to poke my way through the settings, but I did not really understand the specifics of aperture and shutter speed.

Aperture and shutter speed have an inverse relationship. When you lower the aperture, you increase the shutter speed. Essentially, a higher aperture means more visual information within the frame is in focus, but the lower shutter speed means an object in motion will  have motion blur, because the shutter stays open longer to allow in enough light.  Lower aperture means less of the frame is in focus, but objects in motion can be frozen in time. This is what I use to cover sports for the most part, for obvious reasons.

These two pictures illustrate the difference.

In the first, higher aperture means the pot hole and the surrounding street, sidewalk, etc are in focus. The car, though, has significant motion blur because of the low shutter speed.

High aperture. Low Shutter speed. Poorly composed photograph.

Here, I lowered the aperture and increased the shutter speed. As a result, less of the frame is in focus, but the car has significantly less motion blur.

Low aperture. High shutter speed. Poorly composed photograph.


It’s been a busy few days! I’ve picked up a few clips since the last post, and I’ve inserted the line-up here. Feel free to read through them!

I’ve come this to reporting on the one thing I think about more than anything on this earth: jerseys, uniforms…the design of them, the changes, the alternates. I can’t get enough of it. Does anyone else care? I’m not sure.

By the numbers: Why can’t I buy a No. 32 Steve Moore jersey?

Black, white or gold Mizzou basketball replica jerseys line the racks of the MU bookstore and other licensed retailers. Most feature number 24 screen printed on material apparently authentic enough to justify a tab between 60 and 80 dollars. When … Continue reading

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PHOTOS: Mizzou holds on to beat Texas Tech

Mizzou held on to the lead at home to squeak past a competitive Texas Tech team with well documented road woes. Marcus Denmon led the game in scoring with 20 points, 18 in the first half, for the Tigers. Texas … Continue reading

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Mizzou’s old guard thrives off the bench at home; Denmon OK

As first-year players on this Tiger team develop a feel for the fastest 40 minutes in basketball, players with years of experience in the system like Justin Safford, Kim English, and Michael Dixon have, on occasion, seen their starting spots … Continue reading

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PHOTOS: Mizzou men rout Oklahoma at Mizzou Arena

Mizzou showed up to play and beat a team they were favored to beat, dominating Oklahoma 84-61 at Mizzou Arena in Columbia. Mizzou guard Michael Dixon led all scorers with 16. Missouri committed fewer turnovers, fewer fouls, and had a … Continue reading

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PHOTOS: Mizzou romps Colorado 89-73 at Mizzou Arena

Mizzou defeated Colorado on the back of strong guard play at Mizzou Arena in Columbia on Saturday, February 5, 2011. Missouri guard Kim English had a stellar performance and tied for the game high in scoring with 21 points with … Continue reading

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Mizzou rides dominant guard play past Colorado 89-73

In a Big 12 battle of the black-and-golds, the Tigers romped to a 89-73 victory over Colorado at Mizzou Arena on Saturday. Missouri held a 16 point lead at halftime and held onto it through a more competitive second half … Continue reading

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For Mizzou fans, senior forward Justin Safford a model of consistency

Justin Safford at Mizzou Arena, aghast at the foul call.

Senior Missouri Forward Justin Safford. (Nick Gerhardt)

Justin Safford, the lone senior on the 2010-2011 Mizzou basketball team, has been the most consistent player on the team in his four years.

Though his play has at times been irregular, a throng of black and gold clad Mizzou fans, students and families alike, await his arrival patiently after home games with hooded sweatshirts, sneakers and other memorabilia primed for autographs.

“You see the crowds we’re starting to get here, you know, it’s the support everyone gives us night in and night out. I feel like we owe it to them as players to sign for them,” Safford said.

Safford has built a reputation for perennial post-game appearances beginning in that first year when a rebuilding Mizzou basketball team struggled to .500 at home. Fan loyalty and the reciprocal player outreach, as well as the 2010-2011 team’s flawless non-conference home record, means more fans stay late and more players make the effort to connect. But the die-hards have always been there.

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Weekly Report: Photography for a radio station?! (PHOTOS: Missouri defeats Kansas State)

Back to the baseline! Photography returns to the forefront of my priorities as I officially begin work for KBIA Sports Extra.

View the slideshow and gallery.

KBIA broadcasts to the Columbia, Mo. community on 91.3 FM locally. That’s right, pictures for a radio station. Thank you, internet and multimedia journalism, for creating jobs that never existed back when people only used radio stations to listen to radio broadcasts.

Multimedia this! In the past eight months, I have written a feature story and opinion piece in The Carnation magazine out of Indianapolis, created graphics and scribed short pieces for the Columbia Missourian newspaper, shot football and written game-day stories for the KCTV television station in Kansas City, Kansas, and now shoot photos and video for KBIA. God damn right, I’m a backpack journalist.

Now, onto the photography! I begin my independent study with professor Karen Mitchell, a very talented photographer turned convergence (read: multimedia) professor, this week. With her tutelage, hopefully these photographs continue to improve. Visit her blog and check out the great work she did with the same basic equipment I have been using.

PHOTO SLIDESHOW, GALLERY: Missouri defeats Kansas State.

PLEASE follow the link. Until the semester ends, I will avoid duplicating our published content here in order to generate page hits for KBIA Sports Extra. Because the sports coverage at KBIA is still in its infantile stages, having just completed an experimental first six months and expected to continue through the first half of 2011, we are relegated to blog format. The publication comes under the umbrella for an accredited journalistic institution–but again, KBIA is a radio station, and we do not broadcast over the airwaves, so the only way to track our progress is via analytics. Make me look good!

Independent study: The importance of cropping

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The first major lesson for me in improving my photography has been an achilles heel for me from the beginning. I knew to crop tight, and avoid phantom arms and legs. Aside from that, I really had no idea what I was doing.

With Karen Mitchell’s tutelage, maybe one day my photos can look a little more like her proofs from Saturday’s game between Missouri and Iowa State.

So this week, I took my final proofs from Mizzou-K State on KBIA Sports Extra and tried to re-edit them, where possible.

For originals, please refer to the KBIA Sports Extra gallery. Photos are in the same order.

Cutting room floor–Other pictures from Mizzou KU

As I figure out how to crop and adjust my levels to maximize my color output and impact, I like to play around with pictures that I did not publish. To edit on a deadline like that can be difficult, so a lot of times I’ll find shots after publication that I actually like better. Here’s the discards from the Border War.

Please also check the slideshow published at

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All of these pictures are large enough to set as a desktop or print out. Continue reading to check out the gallery >> Continue reading

KCTV5 PHOTOS-Missouri victorious in annual Border War

I’ll have to update you guys on my progress and experience shooting at Arrowhead later. For now, here’s a link to the slideshow.

No. 15 Missouri Defeats Kansas at Arrowhead