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John Elway and the evolving use of twitter

Vice president of football operations John Elway and the Denver Broncos have taken to a new PR model with heavy utilization of multimedia, as mentioned here on M-I-Z 303 earlier, and now, just as much use of social media.

John Elway has taken to twitter with an information flurry, for better and worse.

John Elway: “Meeting with Rick Dennison and Dirk Koetter later today. We’ve got our questions, but what’s the one thing you’d ask?”

Whether or not Broncos’ brass actually uses anything some twit tweets, the face of Denver sports in its heyday seemingly reaches out to fans directly. Will that kind of trick work on all these pissed off Denver fans? If not, it’s certainly starting to roll publiciity. That’s worth something in and of itself. I wonder if this outreach will be remembered down the line, assuming the the practice trends at all.

The strategy does carry potential for backfire if, say, a coach declines the team’s interview request following Elway’s confident assumption.

John Elway: “We also received permission to interview Saints DC Gregg Williams… He’ll be at Dove Valley on Wednesday.”

And, of course, it gives the organization the ability to quash any trade rumors about endorsement machine Tim Tebow.

John Elway: “Any speculation that the Denver Broncos are looking to move Tim is completely false.”

Two thumbs up–he avoided a common grammatical misstep by not pluralizing the last verb like boneheaded agents always do, and he also launched Tim Tebow into first name only status.

“This one’s for John.”

“Any speculation that…Tim…”

alright, John could use some help in the impact-through-brevity department. Still, if someone sees a dramatic shortfall in this strategy, please say so. Do you believe this could somehow hurt the team, public image or otherwise?


Eric Studesville will not start Tim Tebow, ceding his candidacy for 2011 head coaching job

Tim Tebow seems set to once again wear the hat more than the helmet this week against Arizona

When Denver’s interim head coach Eric Studesville announced earlier this week that Kyle Orton would start against Arizona today, instead of fan darling Tim Tebow, the media and Bronco fans let out a collective sigh.


Of relief? No. Everyone wants to know if this kid can play. Well, except for my roommate, who named our wireless network “Tim Teblows.” He and his Rams have Sam Bradford, whom critics labeled fragile before the draft, saying the Oklahoma Sooner should not play until St. Louis patches up their splotchy offensive line.

Bradford has done just fine this year–17 touchdowns to 10 interceptions, 2,653 yards and a QB rating of 81.0 before today’s game. You all remember him from week 12 when he slapped three scores on the Broncos and combined with my second-favorite Missouri WR all time, Danario Alexander, for 95 yards.

No one expects that from Tebow. In fact no one, besides the naysayers who just want to see the kid blown up by NFL blitzes, really expects anything from Tim Tebow. Everyone just wants to see him play, see what he can do.

Perhaps the interim head coach will start Kyle Orton and use Tebow very, very heavily on gadget plays. Maybe Orton will go down with an injury and Tebow will have to play. Or maybe Tim Tebow still just is not ready for extended action. Given Orton’s contract extension and Tebow minimal utilization under McDaniels just goes to show he just does not “get” the NFL yet.

Think about it, though. If Denver starts Tebow for the next four games and he struggles down the stretch and the team loses all four games, then the Broncos get first dibs on Stanford’s stellar QB Andrew Luck, who could learn behind Kyle Orton in Orton’s final contract year. If Tim Tebow excelled in the role, the fans will show up to Invesco in droves, and the new management team in 2011 can leave that position alone and have no qualms in addressing a defensive line and secondary incredibly light on young talent.

Regardless, when your team just fired the most reviled head coach in 50 years, has been eliminated from the playoffs, and has four games to play, the priority must be to rekindle the passion of a die-hard fan base and see what kind of talent lies in the team’s younger players.

Studesville–sell tickets; start Tebow.

Will Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer reunite in Denver? Don’t count on it.

Urban Meyer in Bronco Blue? This picture is, of course, photo shopped.

Come on, you could not expect this blog not to address the speculation. Sometimes, two people just need one another.

In Urban Meyer’s first season without Tim Tebow, Florida went .500 in the SEC en route to a 7-4 record and a spot in the Outback Bowl against Penn State. Meyer amassed a 64-15 (34-13 SEC) record in six years as head coach, with Tebow at the helm for the bulk of those victories.

Could coach and quarterback reunite in blue and orange in 2011? Don’t count on it.

In a statement to, Meyer Continue reading

Dear Josh McDaniels: Take the Damn Points

Dear Josh,

To start, I concede you know a lot more about football than me. It goes without saying.

Regardless, leaving six easy points on the field against football god Peyton Manning and the Colts will not get you very far, especially when he takes his team the length of the field after you hand the ball over on downs.

Let me try and hammer this point home with simple math. Continue reading

Without Tebow or a Pulse on Either the Line or Special Teams, Broncos Fall to Jacksonville

Denver left Tebow Country with a pockmark in the L column. Missing several key components–no wide receiver Demaryius Thomas or offensive lineman Ryan Harris, nor a special teams unit that can close on and tackle a returner–Denver’s team struggled when it mattered.

First round draft pick Tim Tebow played on four downs throughout the game, all in the first half, with little effect in familiar Florida. Two yards on four Tebows cannot become a trend.

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